• Faceorbit envisions a world where all technologies are empowered to achieve all intelligent solutions.
  • To facilitate development of technical platform and delivery of intelligent solutions to demonstrate a model of sustainable living on planet.
  • Our vulnerability to security loopholes has led us to induce the strengths of AI in CCTV networks. Led by a keen understanding of security dynamics, we believe in accentuating the impact of dilapidated cameras with supercharged security, convenience & productivity for enterprises and the mass users.
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“Working on Video Analytics was a logical extension as we were working on the Video feed”

“Taking potential client through the realm of possibility with Video Analytic is the most exciting part”

“Working on Technology straight out of Sci-fi movie gives us the Goosebumps”

What are we setting out for

Transparency comes hand in hand with high-end complications in maintaining privacy and security. FaceorbitTM vehemently supports the idea of empowering our future by reshaping our present. We intend to achieve authentic commitment, thorough expertise and impeccable functioning in the world of surveillance. Powered by AI and ML, FaceorbitTM perseveres to enhance the potentiality of CCTV camera networks in guarding vantage areas, using a state-of-the-art technology.